We have a robust tax practice at Kaelven. Keeping up to date with the regulations and reporting obligations regularly is time consuming. We advise your company about the current tax environment by developing, planning and complying tax strategies and tolls that suit the best. We offer advice in structured finance, real estate transactions, tax litigation and tax structuring.

We offer the following services in taxation:

GST Registrations

With a view to abolish several other indirect taxes and to create a single taxation system, GST was introduced in India. Also, GST helps in the ease of collection and to enhance the efficiency of the process.

The procedure of GST registration is entirely an online process and requires no manual intervention. The process of GST registration is important to avail the taxation benefits. Kaelven will help you to solve your GST related queries. Choose us to complete your GST Registration and will ensure you that your communication with professionals is seamless.




GST Return Filing


GST refers to Goods and Services Tax which came into force on 1st July 2017.  It is an indirect tax imposed on the exchange of goods and services between organisations. GST should be paid at each step of the production process. The main motto of GST is “One Nation One Tax.”

GST Return is a document that has all the details regarding the sales purchases output tax, i.e. the tax collected on sales, and input tax i.e. the tax paid on purchases. The businesses must file the GST Return to pay the tax liability.

All the businesses registered under GST have to do GST Return Filing either quarterly, monthly or annually based on the type of business. The GST Return Filing helps businesses to generate GST compliant Invoices.

Get your GST Return Filing done with Kaelven our experts will provide assistance throughout the process.


TDS Return Filing

Overview of TDS Return Filing


TDS stands for Tax Deducted at Source. It is the tax which is collected by the Government when a transaction takes place. The tax amount is deducted either at the time when the money is credited in the account of the payee or when the payment takes place, whichever happens earlier.

The main aim of TDS is to collect tax from every source of Income. As per the provisions of the Income Tax Act 1961, a tax-deductor shall furnish a periodical TDS statement (Quarterly) containing the particulars of deduction of tax formed during the quarter by the determined due date. The Department of Income-tax decides the rate at which the TDS will be deducted. It is the responsibility of the Deductor to deduct the TDS before making the payment and deposit it to the Government.

Here, the entity/ individual who deducts the said amount is termed as Deductor, and the entity/ individual whose tax is being deducted is termed as Deductee. Also, in the case of Individuals and Businesses, there are various payments.

Categories under which TDS Return is Filed

There are different categories under which TDS can be filed which are:

  • Salary of an individual
  • Insurance Commission or the Income from any other sources like lottery puzzles etc.
  • Payment from the National saving Scheme.
  • The categories under which there is the eligibility to file the TDS Return on electronic media:
  • Company
  • Individuals whose accounts are audited under u/s 44AB
  • Individuals were holding office under the Government.


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Income Tax Return Filing


Overview of Income Tax Return Filing (ITR Filing)

Income Tax Return Filing refers to the filing of an ITR form which an individual submits to the Tax Department of India. This form contains information about the individual's income and the taxes paid by them. The ITR Filing is governed by the Income Tax Act 1961

Who is Eligible to File an Income Tax Return?

Individuals (Indian residents & NRI's) – Necessary for those whose income exceeds the prescribed limit.

  • Sole Proprietors
  • Companies
  • LLP, Partnership Firms (The ITR filing is compulsory for 'Partnerships Firm', 'Sole Proprietorship Firm', 'Companies', and 'LLPs' irrespective of their turnover, Income, profit, or loss.)
  • Individuals earning Income from mutual funds, bonds, stocks, fixed deposits, Income from interest, house property, etc.
  • Individuals obtaining Income from property under charitable trusts, religious trusts, or Income from voluntary contributions and those who want to claim tax refunds.
  • Salaried persons whose gross Income before deductions under sections 80C to 80U exceeds the exemption limit.
  • All individuals with foreign income and assets, NRI’s and technology professionals on onsite projects.

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